There are some mistakes to avoid when using the treadmill for the first time

It’s exciting to own your very first treadmill in your own home. You can run or walk at your own pace, day or night. You don’t need to worry about weather conditions or speeding cars. You can get a great workout anywhere you like, without having to go to the gym or running.

While a treadmill can be considered safe, especially if the speed is set to walk, it is still important to learn how to properly use it. This means being aware of common treadmill workout errors that can lead to injury or even death.

Here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid when starting out on a treadmill.

It is important to dress properly for a workout.If you have long hair and are running on a treadmill, tie it back. You can get hurt if you fall off the treadmill. ؒLink: For your safety and protection, you should wear running or walking shoes with non-slip soles. Never run or walk on the treadmill barefoot.

You forgot to use the safety features of your machine.Many treadmills, both motorized and hybrid, have an emergency switch or button attached to the cord. This turns off the treadmill automatically if you slip or fall. Attach the safety clip or key to your clothes when you begin your workout. Other safety features such as codes that users must enter, are also available on your equipment. Follow the instructions in the manual.

Too high a speed or incline.Experts in the field of exercise say there are treadmills that can accelerate at breakneck speeds. Accelerating too fast can cause you to lose your balance and possibly throw you off the treadmill. You should increase the speed and incline slowly, and only do one at a time. Your body will adapt to the changes.

Incorrectly transferring the machine.You can also get hurt if you don’t use the treadmill correctly. To get on the machine, you should straddle it with one foot on each side of the safety rail. When the belt is slow, get on the machine. When you get on the equipment, keep your hands on the handrails until it reaches its maximum speed. Once the treadmill is at its highest speed, let go when the machine feels steady. If the belt is inclined, you can set it back to flat before you get off the machine. To cool down and prevent dizziness, walk for a few more minutes at a slower speed. When you get off the treadmill, hold on to the handrails until it stops completely.

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