Do-it-yourself Sex Toys for Men to enjoy

When it comes to masturbation, some guys never get bored. Whether it’s because they just love how their hand feels or because they practice different grip and beat techniques, more power to them. But, for some men, the same old hand can be a bit poor after a few years. Since regular use and frequent ejaculations are best for penile health, it’s important for men to find ways to experience self-gratification. The following fun DIY tips will teach men how to give the hand a rest by creating their own adult toys with items found at home.

Bathroom paper/Paper towel tube: For many men, the cardboard pontoons offering structural integrity to bathroom paper and paper towel rolls can also provide a tight but helpful fit for an eager penis. The cardboard itself is too rough for the penis, so men should use their favorite condoms with this method. Simply insert the condom into the tube, collapse the open end over the edge of the tube and recording it in place on the tube’s exterior. Put some lubricant in the condom and go to town. Men can discover extra enjoyment by pulling on the condom’s tip while masturbating; this creates a suction feel, replicating by mouth play. Wand Massagers and Attachments

Cup and cloth or sponge: A guy can also look for a cup in his kitchen that is long enough to house his member. He can then take two sponges, large enough to each fill half the cup’s inner wall, wet them in trouble and then fit them snuggly within the cup. Guys should be sure to use the softest of sponges for this one. Place lubricant in the crevices between the sponges and have at it.

Bubble wrap bottle: This one is just like, but more complicated and posh than, the cup and cloth or sponge method above. Guys can smoothly cut off the top of a plastic pop bottle; then, they can take two large sponges, place them next together on a large linen of bubble wrap and wrap them up. There should be extra bubble wrap which they can use to stretch over the edge of the bottle. Place the draped sponges inside the bottle; they should cover most of the bottle’s interior walls and leave a hole in the middle of the bottle just big enough to push the penis into. Collapse the additional bubble wrap extraordinary edge of the bottle and recording it to the outside. Lubricant in the inside and revel in the impression of the bubbles on the penis.

Old-fashioned sock: Most guys have witnessed the American Quiche film and at least considered emptying into a sock. The secret here is to place a precise baseball glove inside the sock with some lubricant, as the material of the sock may chafe the penis. Roll the the top of sock to manufacture a tight doughnut, place the baseball glove inside and collapse the opening over the sock top. Then it’s all set.

Couch cushion baggie: Guys should take caution with this one, since a heavy couch cushion could place too much pressure on the member. If one’s furniture is deemed suitable, a man can simply fill a plastic baggie with lubricant (taking time to cut off the zip deprive should the baggie have one), install it between couch soft cushions and revel in the replicated vagina.

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