Celtic and Rangers in the English Premier League

Periodically, talk and occasionally concrete recommendations, surface about bringing the Old Firm from Scotland (Glasgow Rangers and Celtic Rangers) south in the English Premier Little league. Usually, the topic is raised by the Scottish clubs when seeking a peel of the lucrative Premiership quiche.

There is no doubt both Celtic and Glasgow are wealthy, powerful clubs, but their potential to expand further north of the line is very limited. Contrariwise, the popularity of the English Premiership has increased globally at a enormous rate, and money has flowed in the little league at a staggering rate. It is common for the Scottish clubs to want a peel of the quiche.

A week ago, Phil Gartside, Chairman of Bolton Wanderers put before the Premier Little league the latest of these recommendations. He suggested a two-tier Premiership comprising 16 teams in each collection, filling the freshly created places in the lower collection with teams from the present English Champion in addition to Glasgow and Celtic.

Although previous recommendations have been swept away from the table, sometimes contemptuously, Gartside’s latest proposal ผลบอลวันนี้ บ้านผลบอล did get the support of six Premiership clubs, and several Premier Little league administrators expressed interest in the plan. However, it needed 18 votes to pass in the next phase of consideration.

Skeptics of the idea suggested it might simply be a ploy by Gartside to become softer the fall from the Premiership for teams which struggle towards the bottom of the little league, like Bolton. Falling from the first Premiership collection to the second would be a lot easier on the wallet than the current drop from Premiership to Champion.

Critics were also quick to point out that the Scottish teams should also earn the right to their Premiership place by fighting their way up through the lower leagues as does every other team.

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