5 best Water Sports in Lisbon


Lisbon more than 900 km of coastline (just within the continent) draws in drinking water sports’ fanatics from around the globe. With the sandy beaches of its, perfect waves and stunning sunsets, it is easy to become lost with the assortment of water sports and activities for sale in each city touching the ocean. We build a guide of the top areas to fully capture the largest waves, calmest bays as well as nicest underwater landscapes. Now let’s check top 5 water sports in Lisbon.

1 Stand-up paddle in Cascais

Stand-up paddle or simply SUP is easy to examine and is great for all ages. At Praia da Rainha in Cascais you will find the very best teachers along with an excellent landscaping to venture into this favorite watersport in Lisbon. You can perform a stand-up paddle lesson for beginners or go on a holiday to examine the amazing coastline of Cascais. For the people that actually like yoga, you can do SUP yoga, that is yoga with your paddle board!

2 Surfing in Lisbon

Surfing contained Lisbon is vogue. In fact, surfing is merely about the absolute most famous watersports in Libson. The intense experience of the ocean is delicious. Fortunately Lisbon has numerous different beaches within thirty min drive as well as by train. You will most likely find a beach with problems that are great for the lever of yours of experience.

3 Canoeing in Sesimbra

Canoeing is excellent if you are searching for a watersports in Lisbon that’s well suited for families. When you don’t understand the Serra da Arrábida, this particular canoeing journey in Sesimbra is a superb possiblity to become knowledgeable about the mountains from an alternate perspective. Canoeing is a really sporty, unique and healthy solution to explore the incredible coastline of Sesimbra. This canoeing trip in Sesimbra takes aproximatelly four hours. Canoeing is great for all levels and ages of experience.

4 Coasteering in Sesimbra

Coasteering is among the absolute most special watersports in Lisbon. Coasteering incorporates progressing over the inter tidal zone of the rocky coastline of Sesimbra relating to various modalities as swimming, rappelling, climbing, cliff hiking and jumping. The thrill of jumping into climbing and caves and doing rappel over the cliffs is memorable. The guides will take you to the very best locations that just the natives learn about and are simply accessible this way. Do you dare?

5 Kitesurfing class in Guincho

Guincho is noted for its superb conditions for kitesurfing. Guincho can be found near Cascais, at in conclusion of the “linha” ;.This kiteboarding type is an authentic way of observing the region good while studying a brand new sport. This’s kitesurfing taster is a superb introduction to kitesurfing because it is established for beginners. Kitesurfing is generally accomplished all year round, on the basis of the climate and ocean conditions.

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