5 Best Water Sports Activities in Big Island of Hawaii


Big island of Hawaiidrinking tap water sports are located in no quite short supply; on any side of the Big Island lies unique opportunities for deep sea fishing, boat tours, viewing sea life, crystal clear snorkeling areas, needless to say, and, ocean kayaking, surfing! No matter where your journey goes, there’s bound to be a wealth of water activities within easy access. You may find several guided water tours for snorkeling, diving, and jet skis; or perhaps you can read the big island snorkeling guide along with look for a beach area only for you! The water sport choices are endless on the large island. Now let’s check top 5 water sports in Hawaii.

  1. Snorkeling on Hawaii Island

Kealakekua Bay is among the very best snorkeling place within the state of Hawaii. Whether searching for an adventurous, white knuckle drive about the Zodiac pontoon, and a lavish, pampering practical experience aboard the island’s newest catamaran, the Hula Kai (which also provides absolutely free remain true paddle and tasty lunch and breakfast), you won’t choose to prevent this secured marine sanctuary. Disney’s film that is animated, “Finding Nemo,” was influenced by Kealakekua’s splendor.

2. Manta Encounters – Ballerinas of the Ocean

The Kona Coast is the perfect place to acknowledge these gentle giants. Through the night, spotlights draw in mantas which feed away from plankton lit by the light. With wingspans all the way to twenty feet or even more, these intimidating, but welcoming creatures glide within in of scuba divers along with snorkelers. Tours head out right before sunset.

3. Surfing: The Sport of Kings

Once reserved solely for royalty, surfing is currently one of the very famous Big Island drinking tap water sports activities. Guests can experience the rush of having a wave by enrolling in a surfing tutorial with expert teachers. From beginner to advanced you can encounter firsthand why surfing may be the “Sport of Kings.”

4. Kayaking in Paradise

Kayaks have now been a key kind of transportation for earlier Hawaiians, and today have grown to be a favorite Big Island water action. From a six-person canoe, to just one-seater, you can rent a kayak, or possibly join a group for only a treatment and guided trip on the Kohala/Kona Coast, or Hilo Bay.

5. Sunset Magic

When you’re buying a lot more laid-back Big Island Water Activity, a historic sunset dinner cruise perhaps is right up your alley. Body Glove cruises provide a relaxing three-hour supper cruise from Kailua pier, to Captain Cook Monument which includes music that is life, food that is delicious, and cocktails, along with a historic narration on the Kona Coastline. Take the camera of yours because the sunsets are one-of-a-kind, plus after a number of maitais, you may get lucky and also watch the favorite “green-flash.”

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